Ways to start living simpler now


A large part of living a simpler life is to slow down and bring the noise level down. I have put together a list of things you can start doing now to simplify your life.


  • Upon waking, rather than jumping to an electronic device, just sit up in your bed, breathe slowly and gently and visualize the day, as you want it.


  • If you listen to music or podcasts throughout the day, be sure that they are inspirational and uplifting. I love Native American flute music.


  • Create at least one uncluttered room in your home preferably your bedroom that you can go to for quiet contemplation and solitude.


  • Bring down the noise level. Do not have electronics blaring throughout your home.


  • Stop watching TV and spend your free time being creative or studying things that interest you. Create Pinterest boards with images of things that make you feel good.


  • Start going through your stuff and donate or sell what is no longer serving you that someone else may want or need.


  • Prepare healthy meals.


  • Create a space outside to sit with plants and enjoy the outdoors, even if all you have right now is a small patio.


  • Take time to sit outside in the evening with a cup of tea and give thanks for the day.


  • When you go to bed, sit up for a bit and offer gratitude for your day. Be thankful for things like having food to eat, clean water to drink and a clean, warm bed to sleep in; because not everyone has these things.